Risk, Boards and Innovation - how do you strike the perfect balance?

It’s been a big year. The National Disability Insurance Scheme funding started rolling out in March this year.  The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse report was released December 2017 with potentially wide reaching consequences for those responsible for the vulnerable members of our society.  In addition, the associated Redress Scheme is now starting to impact faith-based and care organisations in a very real way. The Legislated Review of Aged Care (Living Longer Living Better) Act 2013 issued July 2017, delivers 197 pages of extensive research and commentary on the aged care sector and includes commentary and recommendations on all legislation relevant to Aged Care.  Not to mention the Government Budget released in May 2018, which increases funding to the Aged Care Sector, and a larger focus on the industry.

With so much activity in this sector, it brings great opportunity and alongside that opportunity, risk. Risk when managed correctly, can be a key pillar of your organisation’s strategy for growth and long-term sustainability.

What new risks are being introduced by the changing landscape of the Aged Care Industry that a Board of Directors and the Executive should be considering?  What elements of your organisation’s risk assessment and mitigation program need further review? What insurable solutions can be explored to address these risks and what is the insurance ... Read More

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Nicki Tofler, Aged Care Practice Leader, Marsh Pty Ltd

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