Anaphylaxis Safety in Aged Care: Not to be Sneezed at, Australia is the Allergic Capital of the World
Global Anaphylaxis Awareness and Inclusivity (globalaai) is a not for profit charity based in South Australia. The goal is to save lives. Globalaai supports the aged care industry with education and awareness to protect consumers, visitors and staff from life threatening allergic reactions and also prevent the development of crippling latex allergy amongst the workforce and consumers. Globalaai has developed an online education program which identifies consumers, visitors and staff at risk of anaphylaxis but also explores vital, allergy safety practices in the workplace and also for food service provision in the sector. We discuss the importance of acknowledging and preparing the aged care workforce for life threatening allergic disease, allergy stations and the introduction of standing orders for saving lives. One in ten Australian infants today are being diagnosed with food allergies and these children are the seniors of tomorrow. Today, older Australians, especially with cognitive impairment are particularly at risk with few being formally diagnosed with allergies and often passed as "intolerances". This presentation will discuss the importance of barrier protection and stock inventories including an analysis of gloves types including latex, vinyl and nitrile and the benefits realised from delivering latex safe healthcare within the aged care setting. Anaphylaxis awareness and inclusivity is appropriate for residential aged care, home care and retirement living. One in ... Read More

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Dr Pooja Newman, Founder, Globalaai