Growing pains – Integrate or disintegrate - ensuring Innovation has a positive impact!
Consolidation, growth and competition are real. Whether you seek to grow organically or by acquisition, there is an assumption that innovative systems are always “the better way of working”.

There are many systems that seek to innovate and automate the way we operate in aged care. These include clinical management, payroll management, ACFI analytics, workforce communication, hospitality services, and even automatic recording of fridge temperatures.

While the benefits seem enticing, the journey can be fraught with costly missteps for the unwary.

System investments are wasted when used ineffectively or not used at all. Great staff disheartened with the system and reject rather than embrace change. In some cases, project timelines go from months to years. When innovation is done poorly the short term disappointment often turns into a long-term disaster.

Having been involved in both organic and acquisition strategies I’ve learned the hard way that there are a right time and process for deploying innovative technologies.

Done well the benefits of innovation include; improved customer service better care delivery, a competitive edge, reduction in costs and increases in revenue.

In this presentation, we will help delegates self-assesses whether the
• The technology is the right fit for them.
• The organization is ready to embrace the change.
• Will the innovation ... Read More

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Katrina Ong, Quality, Compliance and Risk Consultant, Pride Living Group

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