Transforming partnerships in Aged Care –partnering with a corporate provider creating research opportunities and improved outcomes for residents and staff.
Helping Hand has developed many different partnerships throughout the last few years that have benefited the wider aged care population, industry, clients, family members, health professionals and the organisation. More recently developing a partnership with Hartmann Pty Ltd in an exploratory observational project of continence products in an aged care setting.

Incontinence is a substantial challenge for the healthcare system with debilitating consequences for individuals. In residential aged care, continence management poses a significant burden from both a resource perspective and client comfort.

The project aim was to compare the ‘MoliCare Skintegrity System’ (PAUL HARTMANN Pty Ltd) continence aids and skin care products to products already established in clinical practice at a Helping Hand residential aged care facility. In addition to the measurement of clinical outcomes, residents and staff perceptions were evaluated to gain an understanding of satisfaction with the change in products.

78 consenting residents with incontinence were included in the two-period cross-over design cohort study. The usage of incontinence products and relative product performance in terms of leakage was evaluated along with the maintenance of perineal skin condition. Preferences for products by residents and staff were assessed by means of surveys.

The primary outcome of interest was resource usage of product and relative ... Read More

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Michelle Hogan, Client Safety and Quality Consultant, Helping Hands Aged Care, Megan Corlis, Director Research and Development, Helping Hands Aged Care, R2

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