Your Sound Investment - creating an appropriate aural environment for age care homes.
Your Sound Investment
It's all around us but it is the least considered environmental factor and sometimes it is almost ignored completely in the design of aged care homes... sound.
A great deal of research over recent years has highlighted important aspects of design in the built environment - access to natural light, the impact of colour, the importance of effective signage, and access to greenery. But one aspect has received less attention - the aural environment.
Over the last decade an Australian broadcasting organisation has been developing a world first - a national service that provides an appropriate aural environment for aged care homes. Called Silver Memories, the 24 hour a day service is based on Reminiscence Therapy and uses the power of music - not just any music, it has to be age appropriate music. After all it is a service designed to create an appropriate aural environment that will appeal to the residents.Silver Memories was a finalist in the International Dementia Awards.
Silver Memories has been the subject of three University research projects over the last decade, the latest, completed in June 2018, was funded by the federal Department of Health. It involved incorporating Silver Memories into the aural environment of 18 aged care homes and measuring the impact on levels of anxiety, aggression and socialisation.The earlier research looked at the impact on sundowning.The research has shown that the use of age appropriate music to ... Read More

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Gary Thorpe, General Manager, Silver Memories

Silver Memories

Gary Thorpe OAM is the General Manager of Silver Memories, a national broadcasting service, ... Read More

Gary was award an OAM in the Order of Australia for his outstanding contribution to broadcasting and music over four decades. Gary has been the General Manager of Brisbane's award winning FM classical music station, 4MBS Classic, for the last thirty years. 

Gary is a strong believer in the power of music to enhance communities. He is also the Artistic Director of the annual 4MBS Festival of Classics, Australia's largest music festival, now in its 25th year.