Everybody dies. When, where and how is up to you! An aged care discussion.
With an ageing population, the majority of people wish to remain in their own homes until the end of life.

A survey undertaken by the writer, 100% of people polled, wish to remain at home.

How can we, as an industry assist them to do so and what happens if it’s not possible?

Who gets involved in the decisions & discussions?

GPs? Trusted Advisor? Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardians? Other family?

We need to get the best outcome for the client; not their kids or relatives, not their partners but the person themselves.

What options are there available? How much to do the options cost?

Do we stay at home? What options are available if we are self funded or Government funded.

Do we consider daycare for our ageing relatives while our adult children are working?

Do we live with them? ie: In a granny flat or our kids own homes?

Do we downsize into a retirement village or independent living unit? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each?

Low care / high care / dementia specific care? How do we know what we need and when we need it? What’s best for you?

Is a Group Home for dementia specific care appropriate for our loved one?

What is the process to make this happen?

How much Government Funding do we get?

What other support services can we get?

Do we ... Read More

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Danielle Robertson, Founder and CEO, DRC Care Solutions