What are Care Pathways and how will they help my workforce issues?
Let’s be honest, most of our nurses are nearing retirement, new graduates that aren’t confident with the intricacies of the older adult, English is a second language so communication is challenging, or there just isn’t enough time in their day. And this makes it hard to maintain consistency of resident clinical care and engagement.

So how do we ensure consistent quality care that revolves around resident participation? Well, we use Care Pathways.

The concept has been in the Acute setting for some time now e.g. clinical pathway for fractured NOF day 0-21 but this prescriptive and directive care is not in the Aged Care setting. Why don’t we have Care Pathways in Aged Care? We have decreased funding opportunities, constant changes & reform, an increase in resident complex care needs, an ageing workforce, limited skilled staff (because Aged Care isn’t sexy…) and we are in an extremely regulated sector…

The Care Pathway is a concept that came about when we reviewed our Clinical Manual which has a range of Work Instructions, procedures, guides and directives about clinical care. There were flowcharts, resources and checklists to make up the best way of caring for a resident; a pathway of care… a Care Pathway.

We have embedded Care Pathways into our software to direct quality care and make Aged Care intelligible. These Care Pathways guide the nurse and capture relevant information, ensuring the resident is ... Read More

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Sue Boisen, Executive Director, CareLynx


Sue Boisen has an extensive health services background, with a specialisation in aged care. Sue ... Read More