Building brands in the new era of aged care: A market demanding trust and transparency.
In an increasingly informed market demanding transparency, providers looking to achieve differentiation will need to understand customer expectations and embed these within their brand.

At the centre of brand communications should be customers - any efficient, effective and measurable approach to brand communications activity is built on customer insights.

Developing a communications strategy requires an in-depth knowledge of your customer base – considering their context, needs, wants and motivations, understanding where best to place resources and the best use of creative and messaging to build awareness and drive enquiries.

In this presentation we will explore how aged care providers can:

- Make sure the customer insights are up to date: segmentation, customer journey and empathy mapping, and employee engagement research.
- Activate brand experience: at all the key touchpoints for customer decision making and referrer engagement.
- Use storytelling to build brand trust: increasing community understanding and engagement with the complex topic of aged care.
- Record the data that matters and share it: provide concrete evidence for customers and referrers.

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Janine Yeates, Senior Account Manager, Ellis Jones

Ellis Jones