Future proofing the workforce
Are Millennials really the lazy and entitled job hoppers we’ve come to think of them as? Either way, they’re set to make up nearly half of the workforce across Australia in the next five years, so employers need to know how to motivate and get the best out of them.
The Aged Care industry in Australia needs to adapt to ensure that our providers don’t become extinct. We are currently dominated by an ageing workforce, and we are approaching the biggest leadership succession in history.
This session explores practical tips on HOW to engage our leaders of the future in order to future proof our workforce, and ensure that our industry is capable to sustain and succeed into the dawning of a new era.

This session highlights to both emerging and current leaders
the key inter-generational differences and drivers.
We then cover How to Attract, Recruit, Engage and Lead the Next Gen.
The format of the session starts with framing the issues, providing content and provoking thought leadership. The 2nd half consists of multiple points for interaction and input from delegates with three open table workshops, and consequent sharing of ideas from those discussions.
The style of the session is to get delegates on board by learning and discussing practical tips on HOW to adapt and to create an appetite for open and forward thinking.

This is a solutions focused sessions with a clear agenda to move us away from getting stuck ... Read More

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Laura Sutherland, Director/Owner, ED Recruit

3D Recruit