How innovative technology can drive better outcomes for aged care residents, workforce and operators.
Recent innovative technologies can now vastly improve workforce management, helping address growing workforce supply issues, and empower both operators and workers to deliver the highest quality of care for their residents. Many systems currently in use are cumbersome and expensive only affordable to operators with generous budgets, and were not developed specifically for aged care. Early adopters of new technologies have found significant benefit in delivering the highest quality of care for their residents.

Hear from an aged care provider who decided to make a difference to the industry and an early adopter. They found a positive solution to workforce management issues by engaging collaboratively with other operators, achieving outstanding results.

A Case Study of Technologies, innovations and the resulting change.

Aged care operator, Sapphire Care’s CEO Ernest Medina and his team identified the workforce we’re not being fully utilised and unable to manage work life balance resulting in high turnover, poor productivity, inconsistent and mediocre care for residents due to archaic and hugely time consuming communication methodologies. Roster’s changed as much as 30-50 % each fortnight, resulting in inefficiencies and high temporary staff costs.

Research was undertaken to determine if any technology options existed to address these pain points. Nothing found addressed key issues from both a worker and ... Read More

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Ernest Medina, CEO, Emprevo, Anthony Byrne, Emprevo