Growing Opportunities for older people to secure a home
ECH (Enabling Confidence at Home) has a strong history as a provider of affordable housing solutions for older South Australians with a portfolio of approximately 1,700 independent living units across 104 villages. Whilst highly committed to ensuring that it can serve the needs of retired South Australians including by providing affordable and simple contracting options not ordinarily associated with retirement living operators, ECH recognized that even its affordable model is out of reach for some.

Much has been reported on the rising number of older single women that find themselves without tangible assets and income to fund their ageing needs. These members of our community often have little experience in the private rental market and are competing for a home with individuals that are in the workforce and not reliant on the aged pension. How can ECH help?

Its property portfolio can be leveraged to provide security of tenure to individuals that would ordinarily be shut out of the private rental market. With over 500 units across 104 villages offered under rental agreements, ECH fulfils its purpose on a number of fronts:
• to support older South Australians access affordable age friendly housing;
• prolong the economic life of the asset (independent living unit); and
• provide capacity for ECH to build new units rather than redevelop older villages and units.

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Dorothy Nycz, General Manager Environments, ECH Inc