Embracing Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Recruitment Practices
In a world where the population is rapidly ageing and technological change is pushing the boundaries of possibility in the health, aged care and social assistance sector, it’s critical that these changes are reflected in modern recruitment practices. Outdated recruitment models can impact on an organisation’s ability to attract and retain candidates and in a highly competitive employment market, this can create expensive lost opportunities.

This presentation showcases how online recruitment can transform the way an organisation attracts, selects, onboards and retains candidates through the recruitment journey using sophisticated software that can be used by any workforce demographic including mature job seekers, to richly enhance the Employee Experience.

To create the ultimate Employee Experience during the recruitment phase, organisation’s need to consider all the steps a candidate progresses through and redesign each one to create the best experience for the individual, and this doesn’t just end with a job offer. It also includes onboarding, an important part of the recruitment journey that is often overlooked and can lead to a poor first impression of the organisation. Getting this right can significantly improve candidate retention during the recruitment process and also in the initial months of a new employee’s employment.

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated modern recruitment systems and is ... Read More

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Anwar Khalil, CEO, Myrecruitment+