GRIT Health- using technology to inform and change the management of chronic disease in Australia
GRIT Health is an innovative service that offers people with chronic diseases the opportunity to regain control of their health. Using an app that allows consumers to record their health information on their smart phone or tablet device, GRIT health provides access to information for consumers and the members of their health team that has not been historically possible. It is well known that the health outcomes for consumers with chronic conditions will be better if they are involved in their treatment and have responsibility for managing their health. The aim of GRIT is to take this knowledge to the next level and to provide a way in which consumers can both know how they are tracking in regard to their health as well as being able to report this progress to their health team. Changes to health plans are possible in real time as the needs of the consumer change.

Being a member of GRIT Health is like the consumer having a health professional in their back pocket. The GRIT monitoring team is highly skilled, taking on the role of health coach to make sure that members keep up to date with their health plan and more importantly that their plan is working for them. Registered Nurses provide clinical supervision to the monitoring team and support members with more complex health conditions to ensure their health plans are relevant and appropriate to their needs.

Targeting people from a wide age range, being a member of GRIT Health has seen some ... Read More

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Tracey Silvester, Executive Manager, GRIT Health

Grit Health