Mergers and acquisitions: The role of Clinical IT in forming new organisations
Clinical IT systems can often differ within an organisation that has been formed as a result of mergers and/or acquisitions. Standardising these systems requires an organised approach which combines clinical, project management and technology skills to ensure an effective transition. With a view to achieving best practice with regards to care, meeting compliance requirements, and ensuring funding requirements are met, the transition to a standardised clinical management system also reinforces an organisation’s move towards a merged culture.

This presentation explores the introduction of a single clinical management system into a merged organisation, where the two previously disparate organisations were using different versions of Telstra Health’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management software. The smooth and successful transition incorporated a number of factors essential to the outcome.

The makeup of the project team was fundamental to ensuring that not only technical considerations were addressed during the rollout but also clinical. The configuration of the system – prior to commencing implementation – required the input of skilled clinicians to ensure best practice was followed, that we complied with accreditation standards, and that funding considerations were incorporated in a way that ensured the assessment process was streamlined and simpler workflows were incorporated where possible.

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Mary-Lynn Gillin, Quality Coordinator, VMCH, Emma Mole, VMCH