10K Project: A community well-being approach to ageing well through transforming a residential aged care facility to a community hub
Being connected, having a positive identity and continuing to contribute to the fabric of society are all essential to positive healthy ageing and overall life satisfaction. We know this to be true, however, many aged care places are separated from broader community life. Imagine what happens when a residential aged care home transforms from a place of care into a hub where relationships and inter-generational learning thrive. Welcome to the 10K Project. A research project in its infancy in western sydney, NSW. In this presentation, you will hear from the partners that are combining their unique strengths to re-develop ageing in place, Southern Cross Care (NSW + ACT), Western Sydney Uni and The GroundSwell Project.

A whole of population approach to ageing and dying well and ‘in place’ is a move towards social and collective responsibility for our ageing population and requires a re-imagination of aged services and communities. For service providers the challenge is to work with people in respectful partnerships which promote empowerment and wellness; for the community it means stepping up to the responsibility of including and caring for each other over the whole of the life course. This means recognising that ageing, dying, caring and death are social events where social difficulties such as isolation, loss of identity, burden, anxiety and fear can only be fully addressed by a whole of community approach (Karapliagkou and Kellehear 2014; Abel et al 2016; ... Read More

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Jessie Williams, Executive Officer, The GroundSwell Project , Helen Emmerson, Head of Care, Southern Cross Care

The GroundSwell Project