Embedding empowerment and social connection within a new healthy ageing program – a new take on wellness and reablement
The key to improving wellness and reablement starts with empowering older people themselves with the knowledge and framework to determine meaningful well-being goals.
78% of people aged 65 or over have at least one chronic condition.(1) Older people who are socially isolated or excluded are more likely to have poorer health(2) and the likelihood of loneliness increases with age.(3)
Simple lifestyle changes such as increasing physical activity can improve mental and physical health outcomes, as well as quality of life.(1)
60+andActive is a newly developed health promotion program that encourages older people with a chronic condition to identify and make simple lifestyle changes that can improve their independence and mobility.
Based on foundational research, including six focus groups (n=36)and six indepth interviews with health professionals, the program outline was established. Materials reference government guidelines, respected systematic reviews and meta analyses and incorporate Michie’s behaviour change wheel as a framework for long-term behaviour change.
Pilot group programs tested the program’s efficacy and appeal to participants.
Participants identified their own goals which were appropriate to their individual condition/s.
Participants’ awareness improved, particularly in understanding links between better health outcomes and improved social connection, increases in ... Read More

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Carolyn Loton, Director, Juntos Marketing

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