Marketing and the Digital Revolution
Remember Norton Antivirus updates. They came in a box. Not so long ago, like all software updates, Norton Antivirus was mailed out to you annually on a disc, you updated your computer and it was 'set and forget' for the next year.

We all understand that antivirus software now runs constantly in the background of our computers, updating in real time to adjust to new security threats. Like many online services, it falls under the title of 'software as a service' - SaaS.

Marketing used to be like that too. You could set up your program, develop your creative, book your ads and media and all that was left was to track your program and execute promotional activity.

Marketing has and is being profoundly affected by the digital revolution. One of the key changes that businesses need to manage is the shift in marketing. And within this the need to balance long term planning, strategy and rigour, with the ability to consistently generate relevant messages, engage and keep engaging audiences, and stay top of mind.

This presentation outlines the impact of these changes for aged care providers, whether they operate in the home and community space or residential. And this understanding will assist providers in resource and workforce allocation, as well as giving operators greater confidence in ensuring they generate the returns needed from their marketing investments.

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Carolyn Loton, Director, Juntos Marketing

Juntos Marketing