Transparent business eco-systems are essential for better care

The climate of aged care is changing. Clients are more informed, empowered and able to make choices than at any other time in history. For businesses to stay first choice provider for their clients, it is no longer enough simply to offer excellent care. To thrive in this more competitive environment, where service providers compete with ever-tightening margins, retaining clients and establishing diverse service is essential. But are aged care businesses doing this? At present, many are cobbling together a collection of outdated or ineffective systems, crossing their fingers, and hoping for the best. They use one or more systems for client management, one for bookings, one for invoicing, one for suppliers and one for rosters. They use something different for their in-home care workforce and vehicle management. They then manually upload their claims to various funding portals, bill third parties, and struggle with disconnected systems. Internal business ecosystems are inefficient. Not only is this a frustrating waste of valuable time, it is a recipe for mistakes, where data must be handled multiple times, funding opportunities are lost, and important information may be overlooked. This siloed approach to systems also means that it is nearly impossible to have a holistic view of individual client care, which has ramifications on the quality of the care experience businesses are able to deliver. For businesses who have been doing the same thing over and over again, it can be ... Read More

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George Guorgi, Owner, Health Management Systems, , R2

Health Management Systems

Starting out life as an engineer, George transferred his analytical skills and technical ... Read More

George’s professional interests focus on how to solve the real-world problems of health care businesses while keeping the wellbeing of both clients and staff at the centre of focus. He uses his depth of industry knowledge to help businesses identify potential challenges and unseen opportunities and has extensive experience working with clients to refine their administrative, clinical and staff management practices.

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