THE PLUG-IN POWERED BY COTA SA - A new approach to understanding what is important

The Plug-in is a new COTA SA social enterprise which is matching older South Australians with opportunities to influence design, innovation, research, policy and service development. It was born from a frustration from older people that they had lots of ideas about what would help them as they aged but few opportunities to contribute. Simultaneously industry, researchers, service providers and innovators were keen to get access to real people to tell them what they needed as they aged. This is becoming increasingly important with a significant increase in the proportion of older people in Australia. Despite this, the potential micro-segments of the older person’s market are not well understood, nor the diversity of priorities, preferences, desires and needs of older people. The Plug-in is building a community of older people throughout SA who are ready willing and able to contribute to shape modern ageing through involvement in design and innovation processes. As part of the pitch we will show our 2 minute You-Tube at

For COTA SA it is an important shift in our approach as a peak body, from speaking on behalf of older people to being more focused on finding ways that older people can use their own voices, at scale and across a wide diversity of circumstances and backgrounds. We have already completed several projects, including working with a local aged care provider who is ... Read More

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Kirsty Rawlings, Head of The Plug-in and Innovation, COTA SA


Kirsty Rawlings is Head of The Plug-in and Innovation with COTA SA. The Plug-in is an exciting ... Read More