Addressing Attrition with Better Selection

Attrition of the workforce is an expensive variable in fixed budgets. Reducing that cost is an imperative that begins with the need for a rapid and focused evaluation of candidates at the start. A situation exacerbated by the number of trainees completing Aged Care courses where candidates are assessed for their knowledge, but not of their functional ability to maintain their situational awareness, responsiveness to the needs of residents, or even a level of anticipation relative to adverse potential in the workplace.

We developed a suite of 6 healthcare selection tests with the objective of providing a rapid low-cost standardised assessment with improved predictive capabilities. Al tests utilised the predictive core measures from the proven SSA tests (p>.01, r=.85). Self-regulation (SR) was the theoretical basis for the tests. SR has received strong support in the literature for the last 50 years, allowing for the development of testable performance oriented behavioural markers. The behavioural methodology has been well validated in various forms in safety critical industries over the last 10 years, showing significant improvements over all other selection methods (with a mean predictive of 0.71) for the multi-measure tests. A 350,000-candidate norm base provided an extensive range of cross functional and cross industry performance statistics. The online SSA tests used at selection are targeted evaluations for specific roles. The instruments are done ... Read More

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Peter Rosenweg, Managing Director, Psyfactors